Need some tire suggestions 07 450

Do you guys have any suggestions on tires and sizes?

I’m long over due to replace the stock tires on my 07 450. I ride strictly motocross and see mostly intermediate to hard terrain… but it seems most of the local tracks also have some mud, sand and rocks.

I’m looking for something to improve the feel of the front end, something that holds up pretty well and is priced decent.

I’ve heard of guys running trials tires, does anybody use them for motocross or is that just for trail riding?


I would only use a trials for trails but to each his own. Look into the Dunlop 952 supposed to be super durable and not chunk off.

My buddy just switched to a trials tire for the trails and he is convinced it is the best thing since sliced bread. Not a very sexy tire though.

The Dunlop 745 90/100/21 is the most AMAZING tire I have ever ridden in 16yrs of riding... I lowered the fork tubes 5mm and the thing turns like money! And I too have an 07

I went with the 952's, haven't had a chance to try them yet.

You could try a 120/80-19 like whats on the 08's

My son has the 952 on his CRF450, seems to be holding up well and tons of traction. I have had good luck with Michelins (3-4 different versions, soft, medium, intmdt, SX, etc.) for my YZ's

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