Power delivery WR450 vs YZ250 2 smoke

I'm ready to get my first 4 stroke. I had a chance to ride a CRF450 and liked the smooth roll on of power. Is the WR450 power closer to the CRF450 or does it have a hit like my YZ250 2smoke?

I'm also thinking about switching from the YZ250 (WR) two stroke to a one of the new high performance 4-strokes. I've ridden the CRF and the 525MXC and love that meaty, broad, midrange rush they both provide. I've ridden an older YZ400, but not the new WR450 (I think it's still tops on my list).

The CRF had less engine braking than the 525 (a plus for me), but I liked the ergonomics/fit of the KTM and the overall readiness and versatility for off-road use it provides. It seems like I ran out of gears way to fast on the Honda. So unless the promised CRF-X comes out as a not-too-tinkered-with 5 speed wide ratio version of the CRF I think it's off the list. Sweet bike, though, for the many applications.

I 'd like a chance to get a good test ride on the WR450 before I make my decision. I lot of people like it. Less of a two stroke "hit" than the YZ450 but maybe more than the KTM it sounds like. Definitely not like a 2-stroke.

As I've mentioned before, I'm not totally convinced. I may still snag up a YZ250 2 stroke and modify it for my off-road purposes.

I just went from a 97 CR250 2smoke to a WR450. I'm not a racer, just a weekend rider. As you would expect from a 4-stroke, the WR450 is not nearly as snappy as the 250, but with the type of trail riding i do the power is always there. FOr me, the 450 has more than enough power, and I find it much more pleasant to ride than the 250. Plenty of torgue to pop over dips, bups, etc.

One of the reasons I didn't get a 4 stroke earlier was because they are a pain to start, but the WR450 starts right away (even using the kick starter) and you don't have to rotate the crank to the correct position - you just kick and go (or push the happy button and go)!

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