Fork Seal Spew

Hi my fellow Thumpertalkers,

I was hoping one of you could help a man in need? I seem to have developed a trickle of spew on my brake side fork. Before I kick down and have someone replace the seals, I want to clean the wiper.

My question is, how do you get the wiper to come down? Use a flat head screw driver? I don't want to cause anymore problems by just winging it. Any help or pictures you can provide would be greatly appreciated !

P.S. What are those springs for on the wipers.... cause ummm I was cleaning it and inadvertantly stretched the damn thing now it wont stay put. Is this a necessary spring? I had no choice but to cut the thing off cause it was doing no good hanging down by my front axle.

Thanks for you help,


I think the spring is there to hold the seal/wiper against the lower shock tube. You should be able to place a flat blade screw drive between the metal upper tube and the rubber seal and lightly pry the seal away from the upper tube. This is how I usually get in there to clean them up. If you use a business card or a piece of a 35mm negative and slowly work it around the inside between the inside seal and the lower tube, this works excellent to remove anything that might have gotten trapped. I also place alittle white lithium grease on the wiper seal before putting it back in place, to catch any dust/dirt before I get's trapped next time.

Good Luck,


:shocked:Hey I have another tip for you. What i do when i change my seal is on the seals themselfs and dust seals they have springs. Like you said yours came off. Look at the spring real close it will unscrew. I do this and cut about 3mm off and then screw it back together. :D this will snug the oil seal up and the dust seal will keep out more mud and water. :):D Good luck and tear up the trails.


Which spring are you talking about - the heavy wire spring that is a retainer or the garter springs that actually wrap apply pressure against the fork leg?

Don't waist your money paying somebody else to change the seals - do it your self. It is extremely easy - I've got to change my brake side seal before the Wild Boar on the 8th. Heck, come on over and we'll do both bikes. Bring the fork tube and we'll have it done in a hour - including the beer break.


have read that a feeler gauge up between seal and forkleg is good for cleaning debris out,never tried hope it works for you

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