Looking for info on areas to ride in Mammoth. CA area

Can anyone give me some clues? Not tracks, looking for some nice trails now that Troy Meadows is out.

I've ridden quite alot around the Mammoth an surrounding areas. It's pretty slim on single track trails, more roads than anything. They do have some green sticker loop, right outside of town that goes up toward June and back thats signed. 50-60 miles in length, but it's really mostly sandy narrow road. It's fun up there with alot of riding if you have a plated bike.

Also, this time of year it's extremely dusty, most roads and trails are vocanic sand.

If you go up there expecting another Kennedy meadows you aint gonna be happy.

This being said, i've ridden hundreds of vey enjoyable miles around this area and had real good times there.

If you want more details P.M. me.

Glenn Lyles

Apple Valley Ca.

I found some great trails that go up the ridge of glass mountain, it's not right in Mammoth but it is close. We were up in mammoth for a week and rode for four days, the glass mountain was the best. There is also a whooped out single track that goes right along 395 that is pretty fun, off of that you can find some decent stuff, remember at that elevation drink alot of water and have fun :)

You "finding" those trails is a bit of a stretch Mitch.I personally told told you how to get to up there . Remember?


OUCH!!! You O.K Mitch?? :):D

Ouch G. Yeah I must admit you hooked us up with the areas to ride in, but geez I wasn't trying to steal your thunder :) There are a ton of trails that I believe I "found" but if it weren't your guidance and assistance we wouldn't have "found" any :D ( how's that for making nice :D )

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