michelin tyre sizes for wr450

hi guys

im picking up an 09 wr450 on the weekend and i am in need of some advice, ive never owned a wr before only every every yz450/250f made in the last 6 years, and i ran MS3's for the last few years and love them

the stock front on the wr is a 90/90, can i run the MS3 80/100? what effect will this have on the bike?

the stock rear is 130/90/18, MS3 only comes in 19 so going to have to run an S12 on the rear, will the 120/100(marked 140/80) work well?

thanks for all ya help...........

the 140/80 s12 rear will work perfectly. You will be pleased. Thats the tire I try to always run and love it. It is superbly grippy when new and stays very good when it looks like it should be replaced. And I run mine untill the bitter end. I have always been very satisfied with S12 tires.

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