Canadian throttle stop

Just bought 2000 WR400F, canadian version. Stumbled on to this web site and slightly overwhelmed. Don't know if I have throttle stop or grey wire but the exhaust has got to go. Any insight would be greatly appreciated

Pretty sure there is no throttle stop or grey wire on the Cdn. version. Take the air box lid off, change the exhaust, and get the jetting right and get ready to have lots of fun :)

Thanks alot, you have to pity those poor Americans with the EPA and government regulations

Throttle stop, thats easy, loosen carb, remove air boot, look inside carb. twist throttle - does slide go all the way up. there's your answer!!!.

With such wide-open spaces for you wide-open Northern riders and a Government with bigger priorities than bike-slamming; you probably don't have one... :)

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