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HELP metal and water don't mix?

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the past few weeks I put new stuff on the bike for 90+ mile turkey run, tires/chain-sprokets/barbusters/headlight-taillight/street plate!/maitenance ect then looking at the bike thinking everything is done, I opened the radiator cap and saw metal bits when turned the cap over on the rubber seal also some black specs floating the water looked bright green and clean.

The bike runs great, does not over heat, overflow is ok. The radiarors have taken some hits before but never leaked, the aluminum braces work well, could pieces be loose inside from small crashes. I will take the cover off the water pump tonight and hope I don't see damage on the impellar, like fins hitting the cover scraping and breaking @#$%@!? hope I can get new parts fast enough if I need them, did any one else have this happen, the bike is a 99WR400, I will check search also, thanks for :) any help and advice.

expected to find broken fins or scraped pump cover but could not find anything wrong in water pump so I flush system, refill coolant and test ride and hope they were stray fragments that will never return?

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