Vortex on WR/YZ4xx

I wonder if anyone is using Vortex ignition. The 250 guys are very happy with it. I noticed that Vortex has 3D map type for 250, but 2D type for 4xx. Does anyone have any info on the subject?

I have yet to install my Vortex, along w/ my 420 big bore piston, cylinder, YZF cams (not the 450 exhaust cam though! :) ), carbon fibre airbox, (coil on) sparkplug cap, James Now modified carb intake bell, etc, etc.

But, I will let you know!

Kevin, Just curious, but howcome not the YZ450 cam? I just ordered one for my '99WR now that I am convinced of the safety/durability (Thanks! all you pioneers). Is there something I need to know?

Just curious, but howcome not the YZ450 cam? Is there something I need to know?

I purchased the cams waaaay back in November, before all this info came out on the 450.

Want a BRANDY NEW 1999 YZF exhaust cam for cheap? I'll even throw in a new seat cover for a 1991 - 1996 CR250 Honda!!

Yeah, I'll bet the market for pre-'03 cams did take a sudden nose-dive! Can't you just explain to the wife how that old (November) cam wore out so unexpectedly fast? :):D

Sorry, Sabin. You are light years and dollars ahead of me if you are going for HI-PO ignition. Can't offer a thing in advice or opinion, but I am curious, too.

We'll just give this one a bump...ttt

Hi, just wondering what's the big deal about the yz450 cam? I have a 99WR400 what would benefit in changing it out?

Welcome to TT Yamahauler...

If you want to find out all about the 450 cam mod, then pop over to the YZ4xx side and read the post at the top of the list... Basically, it give you auto-decompression, so no more starting drill... you also get a nice spread of power...

you can also download the PDF file to get an idea of what is going on...


There are a few reports in now about the 98 and 99 models that have been successfully converted over...



The 426 guys report an increase in power. Also, it is a smoother, flatter powerband. I expect to see some of that, too.

My main reason is the auto-decompression feature. It is getting raves about making the bike extremely easy to start. No more "thumper starting ritual"; just get on and kick like a 2-stroke, and it starts just that easy! That is worth it to me by itself!!

Go to the YZ forum and click the 450 cam thread at the top and drool!!! :):D :D Then download the pdf file provided in a link there. Those clever and gutsy TT pioneers really got my attention!

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