no oil in sump

First off this is my first post and a bit long winded (hello all)

I purchased a 2000 wr400 a couple of months ago and decided to do a street legal conversion

I followed many instructions but mainly THIS one as all the bits looked exactly the same as my bike

Everything went to plan and this week was the first time to try it (commuting)

The first day it worked fine but the second day it stopped charging the battery. I used it again the next day and it was the same = no charging

I did all the usual checks and traced it to the stator. Remembering what I had read about the floating earth not touching the magneto I figured that is what was happening. So I started to strip it down again to have a look. My problems started when I came to drop the sump oil as I only got about a quarter of a litre out of it even though the oil tank measured to the max fill.

i drained the oil out the tank and got about 3/4 litre so a total of 1litre in the bike

I carried on and removed the fly wheel and low and behold the wire had touched it. more worrying was the fact that the protective heat shrink I had used to stop it shorting was missing :confused:

Now I am presuming this could have something to do with the oil situation

My big questions are do you think this could be the cause or do know of another reason there would be no oil in the sump ?

If this is the cause will this be a complete engine strip down ?

any recommendations would be appreciated

great forum BTW creep creep :thumbsup:

ok after initial shock of only draining 1/4 out the sump i read its a dry sump

obvious when you think about it

but even though its a dry sump surely there should be more than a 1/4 :thumbsup:

If you hadn't run the bike in a while - it'll be close to dry - have you ever read up on how to check your oil on that bike? - you have to run it, then check it within 1 minute, otherwise your sump drains off and you get no reading on the dipstick.

Also - without removing all exterior lines and oil filter , your bike should only take 1.5L, change the filter as well, 1.6L, do a rebuild - 1.7L.

Now, on to your heat shrink - I presume it wasn't overly big in size, it's plastic so it won't harm anything and your pickup on the clutch side has a screen on it (about 1.5" Diameter), as well, your frame at the bottom also has a screen (which should be cleaned occasionally), so the likely hood of this heat shrink making it into any of your oil passages is very slim to none.

yes i read about checking the oil it just did not sink in why it should work that way. like i say obvious when you think about it

also gave the oil amount a bit of thought and it seems about right by the time you add the oil lines and filter into consideration

never having a dry sumper before, panic set in when i tried to drain it lol

what made it worse was i find it difficult to select neutral when engine is warm

i put 2 and 2 together and got 5

i read in another thread it has two pumps

first one to pump oil around engine and second to pump oil back to tank.

is the second one the one your talking about ?

i know about the screen in the tank will have to find more out about the screen on the pump

i was thinking of just stripping the pumps to double check and giving it a good flush out.

the screen you mention might save stripping at least one of the pumps :thumbsup:

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