TT Graphics are DEAD

Yamaha finally got back to me. Judging by the information they require for licensing permission to use the Yamaha name and tuning forks logo it will be basically impossible for me to incorporate the Yamaha stuff into the TT graphics.

So the graphics are either dead, or back to the drawing board. Personally, I feel mentally exhausted. It was more work than anyone will ever realize for me to get as far as I have. Development, manufacturing, you add it all up and it was very time consuming and exhausting. Luckily, I'm not out much as far as $$ goes, just some software, product research and time.

I may toy with the graphics idea some more, but I highly doubt I'll be able to ultimately provide a finished product to the masses. I just don't have the business know how, $$ for overhead, or the time required.

If anyone would like to persue this further, I can most certainly provide you with information. Probably the most valuable is the print shop that I found, which is capable of printing the high quality graphics we are all so familiar with such as One Industries...


What happened at Big Blue with and the contact name I gave you? Bring me up to speed and I will let the folks who supervise this clown how less than helpful he was.


The person I'm dealing with is

Kim A. Steadman

Licensing Manager

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A.

Helpful, I'm not sure. It took all this time for them to finally get back to me, and all I got was a 3 sentence email and a form that is impossible for anyone less than a huge corporate company to complete.

I emailed them again for more information, but I think it is going to be a dead issue. Keeping the little guy down...


This pretty much sums it up. Below is an email response from Kim,

"Dear Mr. Armour:

Currently we have a number of graphic companies already licensed (i.e.,

Throttle Jockey, Tapeworks, One Industries, etc.). They sell graphics


the YZ and WR. This category is presently well covered.

Thank you for your interest in Yamaha. We are confident that you will

respect our trademark rights.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me."

So, even if I went through the trouble of applying, they'd turn me down...figures.

I may come up with something generic with just TT and TT sponsors, since they all didn't have a problem granting me permissions to use their logos.



just leave the yamaha part off????????????????

Typical large corporate response. You are offering them free advertising space so users of the Yamaha product can communicate that they are satisfied with the purchase, and identify with the manufacturer.

They are so afraid of all the remote possiblilities of what could happen that they get in the way of their own success. A high-level marketing guy at Yamaha would likely have kittens if he found these guys putting obstacles in the way of free advertising space.


Hey, I'll take one of those blue kittens... LOL

The problem is that yamaha think that you are going to make money by using their logo / name and they want to get their share.

Simple corporate philosophy - "use our copyright intellectual property and you pay us for the priviledge"... they don't see it as another avenue for advertising - they already have their clearly defined programs and budgets and expected returns.

To them, you are just someone who wants to make a product more appealing by using (their) well known logo and/or name.

You are better off just doing it without their logo... besides, if it is a smaller sticker, like fender, swing arm, fork covers etc, and you keep it non-brand specific, you have a bigger marketplace... The KTM and Honda guys would buy a black and silver sticker that fitted on their bike and didn't say Yamaha...

It was a great idea, but yes, it is a lot of work, I am a graphic artist with over 15 years experience, and I wouldn't want to take a project on like that just for the love of it...


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Cheap Bastard's......

That's why we have to spend so much money upgrading and replacing substandard equipment and accessories.



Ben, You would be the man (well you already are for the roost zone sticker, my buddies love it) if you developed some TT window stickers. Also, a decent sized decal to slap on trailers would be cool. These should also be much more reasonable to produce. Make a cool window sticker and I will be the first to wear one on my puny little Toyota. Keep up the good work, Ryan :)

Originally posted by armourbl:

...I may come up with something generic with just TT and TT sponsors, since they all didn't have a problem granting me permissions to use their logos.


I like that idea. :)

I haven't followed your efforts to closely on this, but I think I recall that you have been shooting for very stylized and customized complete graphics set. This would be way cool if you still have the energy to do it, but what about some more simple graphics options like the current fender graphic? Maybe a swing arm graphic along the same lines? Hell, I'd even love to have some nice graphics to put on the window of my truck. :D

I'm just throwing out ideas. I hate to see your efforts go to waste and we sure could use some more cool ways to let each other know who we are. :D

oops, double post! :)

yuck ,yuck, yuck, made you look! :D

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I very much appreciate and thank you for the effort you have put forth in this endeavor.

I applaud anyone that wants to take this bull by the horns!

I too feel a "generic" ThumperTalk logo may be our best bet.


1 - Fork stickers (like the suspension shop guys)

2 - front fender sticker

3 - rear fender sticker that covers the brunt of

the surface area (the kind that has all of

our sponsors)[in New England, area is

pronounced air-yer - go figure! I am from

the midwest and am free of this goofy accent

stuff :) ]

4 - hell, even a cross bar pad!

5 - large, across the back of your rear window,

sticker (like the old Yamahauler)

6 - swingarm sticker

7 - custom jackets (Wearguard, etc)

8 - long sleeve "Practice" jerseys

9 - thongs for the ladies w/ ThumperTalk

SOMEWHERE on it (any cross dressing TT'ers

could also go this route.)

"Yeah, this is member # 793(me?). Here is

my PO BOX and I'll take 7 of the thongs in

(ladies) XXL!!"

[ August 20, 2002, 04:20 AM: Message edited by: NH Kevin ]

XXL? Damn Kevin. Maybe you'd be interested in my blue jeans idea. The brand name would be "Wide Load". Picture a tag similar to Levis, but yellow and black like a construction sign. Of course we'd only make them in sizes designed for women with nice big butts...


I haven't given up hope, just have too much going on right now to persue it at the moment.



I am back down to a 32x34 pant size (w/ NO overhang) and 172#. My goal is 165#. I suppose I'd wear a ladies 12-14...???

Maybe some cross dressers could help me out on this one...??? :)

Generic is probably where it's at. It would be great for the Honda.....guys. But, since we are all a little Yamaha counter culture here any way all it has to be is a little different to avoid copyright issues. (The Koreans have been doing it for years. For example, when I was in Seoul I was looking closely at Hamilton watches and it actually read Harnilton in a font that looked like the real thing.) I am not a lawyer, (thankfully), so I don't know how much we have to be different. But, WE ALSO COULD HAVE A LOT OF FUN WITH HUMOROUS KNOCK OFFS THAT WOULD BE CREATIVE AND GREAT. Yamahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

[ August 21, 2002, 04:42 AM: Message edited by: AZWR426 ]

When I'm done with my bike, it will have absolutely NO YeeHa (yamaha) insignias, logos, or graphics on it anyway.

How 'bout some "Pearl Harbor" commemorative graphics? :)

I am begging Cannondale for a street-legal version with available "full-race-mode" optional customer-installed kit....BORN IN THE USA!! :D

Don't give up. Yamaha needs us more than we need them. Besides, like the lady said, EVERYBODY else uses their ho-hum logo already.

[ September 25, 2002, 07:09 AM: Message edited by: Chaindrive ]

I like the humorous knockoff idea. I was in the airport in San Salvador a few months ago and abidas jackets were the rage. Looked just like adidas with the 3 angled stripes. I had to stand behind someone wearing one in a line for about 2 hours before I even noticed

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