fork seals

i need to replaced my front fork seals. i talked to a shop that said 90bucks plus parts. i was looking in the book and it tells me that i need a few tools that i dont have. now can i replace them with out the special tools, or id it better to have the shop take care of it. :thumbsup:

What year?

I made my "special" tools myself. I'm not that crafty, but I managed to notch out a pipe that works well to completely disassemble the forks. Actually, you don't need any special tools to replace the seals, but if you want to take them completely apart (and do it right) you'll need to make your own or buy the correct tool.

its a 2002

The only special tool you should have is a seal driver, which you can get for $40-60 dollars. The dampers do not have to be removed for the purpose of this job, so you can skip that part.

Tusk tools at I Purchased the Tusk fork tools includes the nut and specialwrench, only 20 bucks. Cheapest price I have seen. Top notch tools, Im happy with them.

I just got crafty with some abs piping and made my own. Works really well and I haven't had to change my seals in over 6 months now.

I also suggest that you clean your seals first with a seal mate, picture negative, etc. before changing your seals. I will get leaky seals and a good cleaning stops the leaking. I think a lot of people freek out and think their seals are ruined when they see them leaking. I will bet you 9 out of 10 times they are only dirty.

how long should the fork seals last? all i do is trail riding.

how long should the fork seals last? all i do is trail riding.

Mine used to last 4-6 months. Since I went with the Seal Savers, they last well over a year. :thumbsup:

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