Moose Dealers

In a couple of weeks there are 6 of us going down to do some offroad riding in Kansas, Oklahoma and New mexico. (4 Canadians and 2 Canadian wannabes from North Dakota)

We're looking for some dealers that have a good supply of moose riding gear.

Anybody out there that can help me?



Wacko - are you Manitoba boys still riding moose out there? You should really try to find yourself a good sized deer instead as they are much faster and handle a lot better than the average moose. At any rate I would think that standard horse-back riding apparel would be O.K. for riding those swamp-donkeys. I was actually surprised to hear that there was moose-specific gear. I guess that you really do learn something new every day!

Peace Eh - P.Z.


We tried using deer like you Ontario guys but us Manitobans prefer the power and surefootedness of the moose. Deer tend to bog down in the swampy areas. I hear that some people are into the exotics like elk and caribou!


:):D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I'm DYIN" HERE!!!!!! Gotta go hug my John Deere.... :D

Your right no Moose here......but I may be able to scare up one of those Jackalopes :)

I don't think that Jackalope thing would be much competition for our Canadian Moose.

By the way does anybody know the answer to my original question? I'm talking Moose "MOTORCYCLE" gear not the four legged kind that Ontario guys dream of on those cold winter nights..


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