Oil level - 2002 YZ426F


I have a question regarding oil level of my YZ426F, I was told (by the previous owner) that the way to check the oil level of this bike is to start the bike and ride it for a few minutes, then let it rest for like 5 minutes then clean the gauge and check the oil...Now, just so you know, when I checked it when the bike was cold, the gauge was dry so I'm a little afraid that I'm not doing it right (everybody told me that the right way to check an oil of a motor is when its cold).

Can anyone please tell me how I should do it as every ride (like 3 hours ride) I have to add some oil when my friends 2005 CRF250R doesn't lose an ounce and I'm worry that the problem is the oil checking!!

Thanks for your help guys.

BTW, is it possible that the Yamahas engine burn oil when the Hondas doesn't? I mean, I had a 2003 Honda CBR954RR and my friend (the one with the CRF250R) had a 1998 R1 and every ride he had to add a lot of oil when I didn't lose anything for the entire time I owned it (a year and a half)...

The correct way is to start the bike, let it idle (don't rev it) for 2 minutes, shut it off and wait one minute, then check it.

Unlike the CRF, the YZF's hold the oil in the frame and use very little while running. Keeping the level perfectly on the full mark is not that important.

Any 4 stroke will burn some oil when pushed hard. I don't think its a brand thing, it has more to do with the oil condition, engine condition, etc...

If you let the engine cool off, oil will begin to drain from the frame tank into the crankcases, and that will give you an inaccurate reading. The way you were told to check it was correct. The engine must be run for a minimum of 60 seconds in order to check the oil. The best time to check it is just when you shut it off for the day. Then you'll know how much it has in it when you start it up next time. Healthy YZF's burn almost no oil.



Thanks for your help guys, now I know I'm ok...:-)

is the procedure for checking oil the same for a 99 400? i had the same oil level question? thanks

Yes it is.

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