OT-Daytona 200 Who's got the goods?!

Being from the snowy north I'll be pulling for Miguel. It will be interesting to see how Mladin and Yates run on the 1000!

E Bozz!! Or maybe his bro Ben. :)

I like Duhamel and Curtis Roberts but I think the RC51 is going to get spanked by the GSXR1000 guys. Those things stock out of the showroom have almost as much hp as an RC51 in race trim. Even if the handling is the same, they're going to get their doors blown off down the straights.

There was just an article in Sport Rider with some GSXR1000's that are putting out 200 bhp and are normally aspirated. That's damned near what the new Honda V5 puts out.


One of the Bostrom's or a dark horse of Doug Chandler.

miguel in the 600's for sure , superbike is up in the air , a lot of great talent this year . is speed channel covering the race this year ?? both supercross and superbike ?

I think one of the RC51's will win, maybe Ben. The GSXR1000 may be fast on the banking, but will their tires last? All of that horsepower and weight, I think they will have to pit more, dropping them from the lead.

i read the gsxr 1000 was spinning the rear tire like mad on the banks. e boss was faster on his old 750 then the 1000's and that was before the 800 motor was used. e and b boss are going to kill them.


My friend at Yosh says the 1000 is really easy on tires, much better than they thought. I'm a big fan of both Bostroms and Anthony Gobert but I think Daytona is going to be all Mladin.

I thought Kawi scrapped the 800? Last I heard Eric was faster testing on the 750 than the 800 so they gave up on it. Have they been giving it another shot that I haven't heard about?

Miguel all the way super bike and 600's. Do'nt forget boys the the open classers are restricted to the mods they can do and weight.


Miguel all the way super bike and 600's. Do'nt forget boys the the open classers are restricted to the mods they can do and weight.


I just read the Daytona preview on www.amasuperbike.com and it looks like they've settled on 788cc for Eric's bike.

They say Mladin was second quickest to Ben at Daytona testing and that recently, he bested the field at a Fontana test by more than a second. They say "the 1000 should be right in its element at Daytona" and also "already many of his competitors have voiced concern over the speed of the big Suzuki". :)

Well I'll be pulling for Miguel and Ben and I can't stand Maladin. I think the 1000's are gonna shread the tires like they were going out of style. Remember that they really did not get much done during the December tire test which would lead me to believe that Honda is going to have the upper hand.

Anyway...I can't wait till next weekend! :)


I don't like Maladin either and I really hope Duhamel wins. He's such a class act. I'm sure Ben Bostrom will be going WFO the whole season to prove he shouldn't have been sent down from World Superbike.

I also don't think the tires are going to be as big an issue as many people think. The Moto GP bikes are putting out more horsepower than the Superbikes and they have been able to make it to the end of the race. Plus, they keep improving tire compounds because of the bike developments.

Overall, I think it's going to be an awesome race season and I'm glad the manufacturers and the AMA are bringing the 1000cc bikes onto the scene. These are the bikes the public are buying so it only makes sense to race them.

People haven't really been interested in 750's since the early 90's when Honda brought out the CBR900RR. The only bike that really sparked interest was the GSXR750. Now, the 1000's are so light and small, who wants a 750 anyway?


I agree the Big Suzuk will be tough at Daytona..if they can keep tires on it.

Its nice to see all the other Maladin fans here.He a great rider, but after that stunt he pulled at Pikes Peak a few years back he showed his true colors.B Bozz is too nice of guy....he should have sent him back to Oz in a box. :)

The master proves it again!!!

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