HP and torque of the 650R and 650L?

Salut messieurs,

I would like to know how much torque and HP provide the 650R and 650L engine? At which RPM?


according to the dyno charts on www.supermotech.com(a super motard website in england), a stock 650r uncorked with modified baffle puts out 46.8 HP at about 6500rpm and 41.3 lb. ft. of torque at about 5200rpm. from various dyno charts i've seen for 600r's and 650L's i'd say a stock 650L motor with baffle out and rejetted would put out between 35-38 HP at around 6500rpm and 34-37 lb. ft. of torque at 5000rpm. also on that site the same 650r with a 680 kit, ported head, cam, higher compression, and arrow headers with stock can put out 57 HP at 7200 rpm.

Thanks yzfxr :)

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