Silencer Swap?

On my last high speed get off of my 07 WR 450, one of the damaged items was my silencer. The tubing is kinked enough that it is beyond saving.:thumbsup: Being broke, and needing to get back on my bike, I found a 06 YZ 450 silencer for pretty cheap. I know it won't have a spark arrestor (dont worry, I'll fix it), but will it bolt up to my bike? I didn't know if the aluminum frames were a copy from the YZ's or not. It obviously doesn't have the same part number, but anyone know if it will work, or do I keep shopping?

i do not know if it is a copy of the 450's or not but i can tell you to widen your search. 06 to 09 will fit your bike

That's good news. If a 06 YZ will bolt up, I might be riding soon.:thumbsup: I wish I could buy a brand new trick $500 piece, but my pockets just aren't deep enough lately.:confused:

I'm running a YZ450 06 muffler on my WR450 07. Bolts up fine. The only thing is that the WR header is a smaller diameter. I had to use some exhaust tape to seal it properly.

I have since put a YZ450 08 titanium header on. It is even bigger diameter than the 06 YZ header. I had an exhaust shop expand the clamp section of the tube and i installed a new YZ450 08 gasket. Its all good now!!!

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