2008 YZ450F Suspension

I have an '08 YZ450F and would like to change my suspension to work better for my weight. I only weigh 125lbs so I assume the best thing to do is new fork springs and shock spring? Would a revalve be beneficial? Im not very familiar with all that. I ride probably 50% mx tracks and 50% trails.

Is it worth buying all the needed tools and DIY or should I send it in to a company like factory connection, race tech, etc.? Whats the average price for that work at one of those places.


I out out a thred like this for my 09kxf250. What we all came to is that a revalve is not really needed on a newer bike, and after learning more about it, i would never revalve untill you have the correct springs in because you have to know what the bike is doing that you dont like in order for a revalve to really work. ALSO, the 08 09 YZ450s have crazy plush valving and again... no need to valve. A lot of people copy the valving from our suspension.

Now the 2nd part of your question. You do not need to send it out to respring the bike. You will need a shop manual and a few tools that you can get of rocky mountain or anyplace like that. My local shop didnt have them. I I just used tools I had in my shop ( i like to call it that). Its really a easy job, I have done 3 more bikes since I learned. There is also good videos of it on youtube, I will link them for you when you are ready to do the job, just let me know. Not going to search for them if your not going to use them, no biggie though. A revalve from one of those 2 places is likely to be around 6-8 hundred, its not cheap and not needed at this point.

Your money though. Hope this helps a little.

thanks for the reply. i did find videos on youtube from rockymountain and it doesnt look too hard if i have the right tools.

Is there a chart somewhere that tells me what springs i need?

MX-Tech and Race Tech have spring rate generators at their web sites. Read the questions carefully, they ask for your weight differently.

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