Stock 2009 exhaust modification?

So I was thinking instead of spending $600+ to fix the mess Yamaha made with that stock shorty, anyone try to de-baffle it and make it more of a free flowing muffler?

I don't think anyone did it on a 2008 which has the same muffler. You can get a slip on for less than $600. A full DRD titanium system was 629. I bet you can get a slip on for $300

Best bang for buck would be getting a used 06 exhaust.

I plan on getting the Yoshimura or the Drd for my 08. I was really interested in cutting out those cones as well but there really wasn't a whole lot of information on it, and I didn't want to scrap my original pipe before I had money for a new one. If you decide to give it a go take lots of pictures and let us know what it rides like!

Did you ever try cutting those baffles out? I know if you mess it up it wouldn't be that big of deal. Those shorty pipes are going for around 40 bucks on ebay right now, so it would be cheap to replace. I literally just ordered my FMF factory 4.1c w/ powerbomb. I decided not to try and modify the stocker.

I'm going to skip modifying the stocker. It would probably just be obnoxiously loud with minimal gain. I'll just save up for an aftermarket.

Is this a good deal?

Its an awesome deal! Some sites charge that much just for the slip on 4.1c muffler. This is the Carbon Muffler and s/s powerbomb. I couldn't pass it up especially considering the Yosh I was interested in was $800

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