I currently ride a xr280 and am looking to upgrade to a new wr450f. I mainly ride trails and woods with the odd trip to the desert and a lap on the track. is this bike everthing that both Yamaha and the general public seems to think it is going to be?

Nobody knows. They are not available yet. I've heard they will be out a few months after the YZ450, which will be here next month.


the yz450f is here today.

my dealer just called me and said they just pulled it off the truck.

"john" said that the 03 motor looks no bigger than the 250F motor.

The YZ's are at the West Coast Dealers now. I was at the Huntington Beach Yamaha dealer this afternoon the first one sold already needs radiators from a big crash. The poor bastard was asking how much a swingarm costs too.

The kid behind the parts counter got to ride the bike before the customer crashed it and said it was 'awsome'.

I will be checking the YZ area for first reports.

I've got a feeling that the WR 450 is going to be one of the best off road bikes ever produced, and I'll bet it wins all the shootouts. Yamaha is getting so far ahead of Honda in this category that they are about to lap them.

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