thunder alley

Has anyone tried a thunder alley pipe on a new wr450 yet?

If so what jetting are you running with it ?

I just put on on my 02 WR426F and love it. Easy install and good performance. I also got the SA and had to add a handball size piece of stainles steel wool in front of the diffusser to quiet it a bit. I am very pleased and dont see why the pipe for the 450 would not be the same.

Good Luck :)

I have the TA on my 450, and it runs and sounds bitchen!I am running 155MJ,48 Pilot,clip moved down one position,and the fuel screw about 1 3/4 out. Did nothing with the starter jet(choke jet).It seems to be starting fine right now. I ride anywhere from sea level to 4500 feet.Really haven't had alot of 4500' yet being its winter right now.But I will this spring and summer.Hope this helps!

I will be installing my Thunder Alley tonight and riding the weekened with it.

I will start with MJ 165 and Pilot 48 and work from there, but I think it will be spot on for Sea Level

My bike is Euro spec and comes stock with 160MJ and 48 Pilot

Will report to you guys next week

Does Thunder alley have a web site, so I can check them out. Until I started talking to you guys I had never heard of them.

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