952 air pressure

For you guys running 952's, what pressure are you running at? I just put a fresh one on in replace of my worn out original 756 and do not like the traction. Bike just spins up.


If it just spins I would say you need a slightly lower air pressure. Like if you have 12 in it maybe try 11 or 10. Maybe someone else will have a better tip but this is what I can come up with.

What kind of soil are you running it in? Where in California?

First ride with 952 was Gorman with 15,12,9 PSI in the tires. Ride pretty much everywhere around the greater LA area.

Interesting. My experience with the 952 vs. the 756 is that the 756 is marginally better in intermediate soils, but the 952 works better over a wider range from hard to soft, and is lots better in sand. I usually run 14 psi to cut the risk from rocks.

SoCal desert - I run 13 in the rear and 14 front.

Intermediate ground 12-13 psi. Our track goes from mud to rock hard, all on one lap.

I'm back to running 756's, but when I ran 952's I ran 14 psi.

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