Sand in oil filter

I have a 2000 YZ426 came back from riding out at the dunes and went to change my oil and there was a lot of sand caked around the top of the oil filter and inside the oil filter housing. I checked the air filter and did not see where any sand may have slipped by and it was oiled correctly. I then checked all over the motor and did not see anything. I looked where the dip stick was and it was loose and the o ring that is usually on it was gone I am thinking that maybe the sand was getting in there. Can someone give me some help on where it could have come from? The bike ran great so I am assuming that I didnt suck it up through the carb. I hope any way. Any information on what I should do to try and flush the motor etc would be great. I dont want to blow it up.

Thanks Eric

Yuk! How much sand are you talking about? I suppose it doesn't matter. I would take off my rt case cover and inspect in there and my oil pump. If there is sand in there, I would then be back on this forum asking how to get it out. Good luck.

I took the right side case cover off and didnt see any sand in there. I dont know its weird. I am going to take the motor out and the head off and see what it looks like in there. If that much sand went through the carb and past the piston I can only imagine what it looks like. I did not experience any power loss or anything. I dont get it. Well I am going to take it apart tomorrow and post what I find. :thumbsup:

I wouldn't think it went through your carb if it is in your oil filter. but an easier way to check would be to check the inside of your carb first. There will be sand stuck in there somewhere if it did. If sand got into your cylinder head I think you'd know about it right quick. You mentioned your dipstick was hanging out with no o ring, but seem to have discounted that as an entry point. That would make more sense to me. Check your oil pump.

Pull the oil strainer out of the bottom of the oil tank and see how clogged it is.

It may have got sucked up through the crankcase breather tube.

A similar deal happened on my 06, but the sand came in the breather tube. I did a full teardown and replaced all of the bearings, they were all chuck full of sand and grit, no way to ever clean them out completely. If there is and in the oil filter I would recommend a complete tear down.

It may have got sucked up through the crankcase breather tube.

I will put almost all of my money on this.

I do not think there is any way sand can get from the carb to the crank case. Breather tube is my guess there is a mod to relocate the tube. Crankcases have to be split cleaned very well at least....I would be doing every last bearing as well. Good luck

Look here for the mod

In regards to the mod, Is there any kind of filter to put on the breather tube that goes down, aside from the rubber check valve? I just did this mod, and would like to protect my motor the best way I can.

I did the mod with a T to the air box with a UNI crankcase filter and the down tube down the back side with the carb tubes. I don't think there is enough vacuum to suck up sand with 2 openings, so I don't worry about it.

I will be taking the motor out and brining it down to the shop. I dont want to take a chance of ruining the motor by thinking that I can try and flush it out. I will do the crank case breather mod as well. This sucks its going to be spendy. Thanks for the all of the input.

good luck hope it all works out for you with as little $$$ spent as posible.

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