Grayracer / Fork oil ??


I know it says in most yamaha owner manuals for yz's/wr's suspension oil grade " 01 " is that 7wt or 5wt? :thumbsup: Thanks

No one is really certain. The viscosity isn't given because hydraulic fluids aren't really rated the same way as other oils. "S1" is closer to a 3wt, actually, although a 5wt is acceptable. If you are going with a conventional fork oil, Amsoil Shock Therapy is one of the best you can use. Motorex and Maxima are also very good.

The best stuff I know of is what I use: 215.VM2.K5 from Smart Performance It works best with a couple of simple mods, but also is excellent just as a replacement fork fluid.

Thanks Gray I'll probably put 5wt in them . Its for my 2003 wr450f. Seals are wasted and 5wt will probably help stiffen them up a lil:ride:

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