oil capacity 03 yzf 45o

Lost my manual. Im changing my oil and need to know the capacity. My bike is an 03 yzf 450 it has a frame drain plug and another drain plug at the bottom of the gear box. Do i just put oil in at the gear box and it gets pumped through the frame or are they seperate. I cant remember it been awhile since i have changed the oil. I have changed the oil numerous times before but dont remember the proper procedure. Help thanks

1200 cc's

1200 cc's
The oil capacity is NOT 1200cc.

That figure is the total amount of oil in the system, which you would have to put into it if the engine were dry from just being assembled. 100cc or so will never drain out during routine changes, and so the amount required to refill after an oil change with filter is 1100cc (1.1L).

Read your manual.

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