New 08 yz450 first ride

Okay, I must start this of with a question. Do these shocks even have a bottom? No really, I traded my 09 kxf250 for this bike and has factory connection springs in that thing for my weight. They where nothing like these, I would bottom them out if I over shot some of the jumps in the backyard track, the yz just patted me on the but and "said keep trying". So I did, I was not able to get them to slam, it was so smooth. I even hit so hard at one point that my arms gave out my head whipped down into the bar pad (it says pro taper on it, i'm sure of it now) , but still, the bike never slammed. No ping, no feeling that made me say "yup, there it is". Well again, i just cant say enough about the suspension. Moving on.

As I was trying to see which would go first, my wrists, knees or the suspension, I was also had at work trying out the handling of this little monster. Again, very pleased. I have flat corners, berms and runts at my track. Flat turns, get your head over the front wheel and hold on. Rutted corners, come in and role on the power, back wheel will drop and off you go. High berms have been something I have been having a hard time with. The YZ turns much tighter then my KX. It doesnt push out of the corners as well. So handling goes to the YZ.

My next test, per say, was the way the bike felt in the air. My Kx was very light and you knew it when you where in the air. Although you cant feel the added mass of the yz, it does fly very well. It is also very responsive in the air. I think that heavy 120 tire helps to, the added weight helps the throttle response of the bike in the air. Have to say the KX did feel lighter in the air when it needed to be corrected but the YZ aint bad at all. Plus I'm a gym rat, I enjoy a little work.

I will finish with rideability. I was able to do a lot more seat time on the YZ then the KX, hands down. I would do 3-5 fast laps on my KX and be beat. Major arm pump and hands hurting, starting to make mistakes. Not so on the YZ. I was able to put down 10 fast laps, pushing myself faster and faster each one till the last 3 I was all out. Seat time is the biggest part of riding and becoming a better faster rider. It was the reason I got the 250 the fist time. That being said, damn wish I would have just got a Yz450 the first time around. I thought the power was going to be to much for me coming back into ride after 12 years and last bike being a cr80. Well I am pleased to say I got it back fast and these bike inspire confidence. Cant wait to start racing this thing. Thanks for all the help and input. Hope this helps someone that is thinking about pulling the trigger also wanted to show how pleased I am.

Did you get it from a guy in illinois?

Hey Beaz, what's going on. He did indeed get it from a guy in Illinois. Me :thumbsup:

Kory, glad you're taking a liking to it. It was just too much bike for me. I have the KX completely torn down at the moment and won't be able to even try it out for another week or so.

Ive seen this on clsb and thought it was the same guy

thats cool hope your both happy:thumbsup:

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