fuel leaking petcock

my '01 426 started leaking gas from the petcock yesterday. I've already talked to 2 people who have replaced their whole tank becouse of the tank cracking between the petcock and tank.(factory defect?)anyone know of a quick fix that doesn't cost $200. Please help me!

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Replace the whole tank when the petcock leaks?


I won't even go there...

Petcock Seal: 3AJ-24534-00-00 $2.00

Packing: 3AJ-24523-00-00 $3.70

I forget which is which, one is the plastic seal between valve and inlet, one is the o-ring. You likely only need the latter but for a few dollars more...

You can also buy the entire petcock for about twenty bucks.

Have you had the gas tank empty for a while?

I have a WR400 that I drained the gas tank for winter storage. In spring, I filled the tank and the petcock leaked for a couple days, then stopped. I figured that the gasket shrank without fuel, then swelled up with fuel.

If you need and can't afford a new tank right away you could use JB Weld. It's a super epoxy that comes in larger tubes similar to model glue. You just mix and muck back together what ever you have broken. I once used it on an old snowmobile's crankcase. Good luck. TC

Note to self: Read posts more carefully. That guy said petcock leak, not tank leak.

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