New guy checking in with wheel question

hey guys, I have been a long time reader but this is my first post. I upgraded to a new WR this month and I am getting it dialed. I have done suspension and power mods, and now I am on to the cosmetics.

What is the cheapest way to get black wheels. New replacements or break the stockers down and get the anodized or powdercoated?

I know its silly to spend money simply to change wheels but I really like the way it looks and have always wanted them

I'd say powdercoat is the cheapest way.

Should only be about $30 per wheel unless you have a hook up....

Where are you located?

New Mexico. Do I have to break the wheels down first? And would anodizing be a better option?

Albuquerque Manufacturing... also know as Quality Powder Coating. You can also try Southwest Coatings.

Powdercoat won't last long on dirt rims, my road rims are powdercoated and even they have stone chips on the edges. Anodising is a much better option, it's a process which basically dyes the oxide coating on the aluminium so it's a lot more resilient and won't flake off powdercoat can.

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