How to do a wheelie on a xr650r?

Is it as easy as a cr500?

How much Hp does this bike have? is 45 uncorked realistic. Seems awfully low.

I think ktm dukes put down 50-55rwhp

As easy as a CR500?....No, the CR is wheelie factory! The BRP weighs much more, so it takes a little more in the higher gears. Scoot back on the seat, crack the throttle, and maybe a tug on the bars. You won't get the throttle responce from a "smogged" XR, you need to set it free...49 state it.

if ya wanta welie get a 400 :)

Nuthin wheelies like a 5hundy.....nuthin at all. :)

Uncorked the XR650R puts out anywhere from 54-56bhp at the crank, I don't know what it puts down at the wheel though. Yeah that's kinda low compared to a late model CR500. But it's still quite good really and converts to a power to weight ratio of around 1:5, which is better than a Dodge Viper at 1:5.6 or so. Of course the CR500 is 1:3.3, which is brutal. Most people are quite happy with the power of an uncorked XR650R, which I think is comparable in acceleration to a YZ426. The XR has a higher top speed though, but not my much. Doing a wheely on the XR650R requires it to be uncorked, and then simply wick it open and have fun. Since the weight is high, and the wheelbase is long, it won't wheely as easily as you might think. 3rd gear wheelies are easy, but 4th gear requires a lot of effort in my opinion. I still prefer my '99 CR500 for just going out and having fun with the power, can't be beat.

Yeah, when I hop back on my CR 5 Oh Oh it feels like a tinker toy with a stick o'dynamite between my legs compared to my XR. Hmmmm, do I really want to sell it? :)

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