Maintenance-Oil change

HI. here is a frequently question.

How often should I change the engine oil?

WR 450 2008.

The manual says for competition use every 1000km

and the maintenance for the emmision control says every 2000km

Which is right? :thumbsup:

I have motard rims 17' and 42 rear sproket.

I ride the bike about 4 times a week doing some wheelies and riding around (about 30km per day) and sometimes (weekends) i ride about 120km.

Total 2000km every 3 months.

The temperature ranges here are from 20 to 35 celsius.

500 Klm's max!

If you do wheelies, you have to change the oil every 250kms (measured on your speedo). This is only if you normally change it at 500kms and the front wheel is off the ground for half the distance you ride..... :thumbsup: It can vary depending on how good you are at wheelies and if you ever ride backwards....

do I also need to take in account STOPPIES!?!

(sorry,,, I couldn't resist)


I usually do mine about every 500 - 600km, with a new filter each time too.

I made a pair of magnetic drain plugs too.

There's not usually much metal stuck to them.

Not sure if that's good or bad!

(ie. Good that there's no bits of metal floating around or bad that my magnets are missing some of it!)


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