My friend is in the market for a used WR426F and was wondering if the U.S. model comes in with the restrictions that that my 2001 WR250F did. Like the throttle stop, exhaust restriction etc... I had to do all the free mods before I got good power from it. He wants to know if this is also the case for the WR426F . Thanks for any help.

just sold a 2001 your answer is YES they have the same mods to do.

where do you live in Mass?

I live about 10 min. north of Boston in Melrose, I go riding up in Windham NH with some guys from work, We got my WR250F a XR600, XR400, KLX300, and the guy whos looking into the 426F. We arent pros but we have a good time. :)

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