01 426 opinions?

I have a chance to pick up a low use (for the year) yz426 for a good price. Thought it would make a good second bike to have around for a spare. Any honest opinions of these? It's bone stock, never raced, belongs to a friend of the family so I know the history of it. As far as I know, these are reliable good longevity bikes aren't they. Any thoughts? Gray?

From what I have read they are a great bike if maintained well. The one I have was just rode hard and put up wet, so it's been a long expensive process to get it back to where it should be. It's not there yet ,but I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I hope.

No other thoughts?

426's are great bikes. Probably the best all around bikes ever made. :thumbsup:

I just got one a coiple weeks ago,

seems ok to me whats he asking for it?

Great bike. Reliable as a claw hammer, great power, and with the right settings and tires, handles pretty well. They are more top heavy than the current 450s, but for a second bike, man you couldn't do any better (short of maybe a YZ250 pinger cuz they are cheaper to rebuild when the time finally comes). One thing to remember if you're a blingin' pimp it out kinda guy, though...the bike is older (by today's standards), so the selection of graphics and such will be somewhat limited. Hard parts for maintenance and repair, as well as hop up parts, are plentiful, just not all of the bling.

i sold my 2006 KX450, and ended up buying another 01 426. i know this sounds like the reverse order, but, for how often I ride (about twice a month), it more than good enough for me. so now I have a 426, and new flooring in my house (yes, boring).

this is actually the second 01 426 i've had, first one was in 2002. They are reliable as hell, and good power. Yes, they are / feel heavy, so eat your weaties or something. Starting them isn't an issue, once you get it down.

While I will admit the new 450 are superior in design / technology. I don't have any less fun on the old tank than I did on the new bike.

Bought mine and it has been working good so far. Just one major problem since I bought it 3 years ago. The cogs between 4th and 5th gears started to wear off causing the bike to jolt in and out of gear when in 5th gear at full throttle. About 150 bucks in parts and a week of tearing it down and putting it back together and its been running great ever since. One other problem I had with mine was how easy it is to flood the dam thing when you start it. I was used to old 2 strokers that needed half throttle when kicking them over to start. 10 times of doing that on this thing and flooding it cured me of that habit. But, its been a great bike with tons of HP. Never left me stranded or anything so far, so its a great bike in my book.

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