E-Mail me some 03 450 Steahly Flywheel Install Directions?


I got a 16 0z. Steahly weight ready to install. I've searched the site, e-mailed Steahly etc. and I am in need of installation directions. Can someone scan and e-mail them to me. It's a 03 YZ450. Yeah, I know it's easy but if something can get get screwed up, I'm good for it..:thumbsup: Thanks for your help!

I thought everyone installed these on their bikes!

its easy...

1. find a way to lock the engine up.

2. remove the flywheel nut. (pretty easy with an impact wrench)

3. put weight into place

4. tighten nut (use torque wrench)

5. tighten allen screws on outside of weight equally all the way around. (check often)

I do not have the directions on me as im at school right now but if you can wait until this weekend i will dig them up and send them to you

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