jet/jet kit questions

im new to the four stroke world (a couple months)...when i got the bike the guy gave me the rest of the "fmf stage1 power up kit" left from his install...the bike ran fine with a pro circuit ti-4 ...i just put on a drd carbon/ti and it on the stand it was popping on decel ...richened the fuel screw and thats good now...but was thinking that i might have to mess with jetting tomorrow when im actually riding the bike...

which brings me to my real question.....looking at the box and figuring out that it is first a dynojet kit that appearantly has some mainjet adapter to accept the little slotted type mains as opposed to the oem hex style...and not having that style jet only the oem style hex...can i simply use the hex style or does one have to use that rig when using their needle?...would i be better off just putting all the stock stuff back in and going from there?...i looked through the jetting database sticky at he top of the forum...but didnt really see any one at sealevel with a drd in the 60 degree range on the east coast...if theres anyone out there that could advise what way i should go here id be greatly i can ride more than wrench

The adapter is only needed with the dynojet mains (a frigging klugey setup). BTW, the sizes on the DJ parts do not equate to regular Keihin ones. If you want to simply your life, get a James Dean kit. Uses OEM parts.

It is not so important when loking at other peoples jetting that the pipe brands/models match rather the type of pipe and diameters. A pipe with a insert/potato, all else eqwual, will have about the same jetting, same goes for a completely open pipe.

thanks william1...I can use regular hex jets with the dynojet needle ?.... or do I need a different needle?..... is there a way to find out as a starting point what the dj 150 main is equavelent to in normal jets... same with the pilot it has a dj 48 installed.... thanks in advance !

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