New "redneck" mod, haven't seen it here. My WELCOME MAT mod

So last weekend I rode my 07 YZ450 for the first time. It was muddy bt not soupy. I like to check my oil level on a new (to me) bike often. Well the front tire spits up so much mud right in between where you check the oil and the enginge it self. ICK! So I had to ride way over to the wash rack, wash the bike than check the oil. In My opinion that is a PITA.

After I got home, I washed the bike real good and had to use a dental tool and a tooth brush to get all the cacked on mud off from around the oil checker place.

I made a "mud flap" out of a $3 rubber Welcome mat.

I finally get to test it tomorrow. I'll post up if It works, if I like it and any thing else.

I just used some sissors, exacto knife and zip-ties.

The dirty place that is hard to clean


The solution (I hope)


you calling me out

I am a redneck

That looks more ghetto to me.

That looks more ghetto to me.

If it was Ghetto, I' be using some mags from a glock or hub caps from a Caddy. :thumbsup:

I cut a sheet of plastic to fit the gap in the frame tubes above the stock glide plate (before I added my current skid plate) to prevent the odd stray rock from breaking off the dip stick, but that was 3 years ago.

skid plate....but then again I also have a power washer.

im pretty redneck but i would have just went and bought a good ol' skid plate

pretty slick idea!!!

Oh by the way, it works great, I am not a "log hopper" or rock climber with my bike. Where I ride is river flood areas. They are always very muddy and sandy.

I could see the use of a skid plate if I was worried about rocks and such.

I made a carbon fiber piece to fit in there, it has worked great.


Very nice, very clean, :p

Did it cost $3 and still have 2/3 of the part left? :lol:

I have a Works Connection plate on mine. It makes me so mad that they put holes in the front allowing mud to go right in. What the hell do the holes do? Cooling? hardly! Weight savings? almost none! Look cool? Not at all ! Increased production cost? YES!! Then they give you foam to put in there which eventually turns into a heavy dirt clod if you leave it in.

I made a plastic piece that covers the WC holes and goes farther up to block mud from entering anywhere.

Very nice, very clean, :p

Did it cost $3 and still have 2/3 of the part left? :lol:

Mine looked about like that and cost me nothing. It was opaque, though.

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