Got my bike running! Hotcams and 420 kit

after somehow a cam keeper c clip fell down into my flywheel, and i found some bad scoring on my sleeve, i finally got my 12.5 420 big bore kit and hot cams in.!

First of all, now i see why everyone raves about the auto decomp! LOVE IT...just too easy now!

The setup seemes to give me a bunch more lowend power, and even a bit more top end! I cant be happier!

Glad to hear it...didn't we tell ya? What are you running for a pipe?

thanks, im running a powerbomb headpipe and a fmf t-4 pipe, open airbox lid.

anyone know why my bike stutters while going over small, fast bumps?

I did the exact thing to my bike. That auto de-compression is great. Thing rips now.

Sounds like either a loose connector somewhere or maybe the float is set too low...

thanks, for sure it feels carb related... ill check my float height

If it feels carb related, you might also check that the plate ont he front of the slide isn't starting to crack...the 400s with the first gen FCRs have a tendency to do that. Might also try disconnecting the throttle position sensor. It sounds as if it's vibration related...

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