05 WR450f rear rotor rubbing on swingarm

I just removed my 19" yz450 rear wheel (with paddle) and installed my old 18" Wr rim back on after 2 years of riding dunes. I popped out the 2 black spacer/seal covers off the 19" wheel and popped them in the sides of the 19" and installed the rim/tire. As soon as I tighted the axle bolt, the brake rotor start to rub on the inside of the right side swingarm! Is there supposed to be a spacer in between the brake caliper (where the axle goes thru) and the right side swingarm? There is the plastic guide on the inside of the right side swingarm so the caliper mount and swingarm are not metal to metal, but there seems to be a 1/16" gap inbetween swingarm and caliper mount before I tighten the axle nut. Note the wheel spins fine while the gap is there, until I tighten the axle nut. I removed the caliper from the caliper mount and I can see the rotor hitting the inside of the swingarm. Are the spacers located next to the rear hub the same 05yz450 to 05 wr 450??? Anyone have any suggestions???

Thanks in advance! DAve

Yea, FYI... I figured it out. The caliper mounting bracket needs to slide into a groove in the swingarm and it was out. Duh. Hope this helps some other idiot someday!

you just made me feel better about myself.

i thought i was the only person to do things like that :thumbsup:

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