Orange or Blue

What will be easier to ride.

My brother is looking for a new bike and he has heard that the wr450f is very hard to ride when you are tired! (or it will wear you out quick) can the KTM be that much easier to ride???? any help would be great. I think that the KTM is great but for the money I would Just get a WR250f I seem to have plenty of power for the riding that we do, mostly rocky narrow trails.

Easy to ride? :)

Tell him to walk the trail if he wants easy.

If he wants a serious woods weapon, obviously I would recomend the WR. The WR is the best motorcycle that ever hit the face of the earth.

That is my honest unbiased opinion. :D :D :D

The 03' WR250F kicks ass.But I need that 450 Umph to haul my big ass! :)

I don't know about anyone else but i have owned them both.The wr is the only way to go . The money I have spent on those junk ktms I could have bought another wr and a half

:D :D :D Good luck on the quest. But reliability goes along way. Blue is the best :D:)

i had nice mxc300 that i couldn't kill...loved that bike...but if i had to choose and was on a buget... i would go yami. if i was a rich brat i would have both.


If i could afford only 1 bike, i'd take 1 Yamaha.

if i could afford only 2 bikes, i'd take 2 Yamahas

If i could afford more than that, i'd probably take all Yamahas,

If i had any more cash, i'd buy an orange to ride to the store.

hahahahahahahaha :)

Weld more pipe! The heat from your welder will keep ya warm and you'll make more money. :)

If you want a bike that feels like it weighs 500lbs, has worthless, nonadjustable handle bars, crappy brakes, cable clutch, crappy muffler, is sold in 10,000,000 square foot dealerships by acne faced teenagers with spiked hair, and is very popular with the mullet crowd, then buy the Yamaha.

Thankyou cornhole,what a wonderful thing to say and such a fine contribution to the discussion....three posts and all of them a Trolling flame. Does your mom know your using the computer again? :)

right on smd....i was about to say the same thing.

he's a cheeseball.just ignore him.

beezer. i'll take your advice, couldn't work today the trench was full of snow and water...i'm so sick of winter.


anybody see that interveiw with dan rather and sadaam last night?what did you think?


I know a fair number of enduro/trail riders that love their orange bikes (especially the 2 strokes), but I love my crappy blue one. I see so many guys riding so many different bikes that I can't say that I have ever noticed any real pattern between the guys that know bikes and ride really well and the bikes they choose to ride. Everyone seems to have different reasons for the choices they make.

But, I never ever heard one of them tell another of them that their bike was crap (well, okay, maybe we joke around with each other a little :)).

Yamaha makes a great product. I've been beating the living hell out of mine for two years and couldn't be happier.

The only real way to figure out what will work best for you is to try them out. There are so many choices in great bikes and even if you can't manage to try before you buy, it is hard to go wrong.


Thing is if your gonna go to the blue threads and ask "orange or blue" you know what the response will be.

The obvious. WR (wideopen Racing)

If you go to the orange threads, the response is KTM (kick that motor)


Hey buddy, has nothing to do with color, at all. If your not in shape to ride, any bike out there is going to whip your a$$. And, if you are in shape to ride, and you've ridden enough that your fatigued, again, doesn't matter what color bike your riding, your going to get sloppy.

This really seems more like flame bait than a quality question :D........sorry.


Dodger :):D

It's up to the rider to decide what fits his/her style better. Also of importance is what is the dealer like - are they helpful or a pain in the bohiney after they get your money - does the dealer have a good or bad reputation.

Haven't ridden the new WR450 or the new 450EXC, but do know KTM powerbands are "linear" with no real "hit" in the powerband and that handling still has a European feel. The WR is so new, that you'd need to look up some ride reviews to see what it's like.

My KTM has been rock solid in reliabilty, but have heard of some that were not. I think either Yamaha or KTM has good warranty coverage for the first 30 days of ownership.

My riding pard has a '00 YZ426 and it too has been rock solid and a reliable bike.

I've known and have been good friends with my KTM dealer for 20 years, so I won't consider another brand because of that (not worth losing a friendship over). I've also had great reliability with all my KTMs.

Good Luck in your search!


The reason I posted "orange or blue" on this site is for that exact reason, I have to do all the research for my bro or he will go out on a whim and buy the nexd shiny bike in the window. so this way I just tell him to look at all the opinions that were given on this site and bingo (I quietly talked him into blue) get my drift!! but in all reality I think the WR is a great bike and I would love to se him get one. plus it is alot of $$$ for a new ride, so it is great to get others opinions. so thanks for all of the input, I really appreciate it.

Ktms are great bikes- most of my mates have 520s, but there is not much between them except... Japanese reliability. This factor is worth far more than adjustable bars, Brembo brakes etc. Tell him to buy a Wr250f- in my opinion the best dirt bike ever made. (I have a 400).


KTM - keep the money

GO BLUE....I've ridden them both. Buddy of mine has an '03 KTM450 EX/C and it is a nice bike but no way worth the extra money IMO. The Yamaha has a much more snappy motor, and is just plain fun to ride. Everyone says Yamaha's are HEAVY but the power they produce more then makes up for it...and then some!!! It's funny that the KTM calls their bikes Racing Four Strokes when a 2 year old, 20 pounds heavier WR can MOP THEIR A$$!!! And the KTM is a 450, mine a 426. You tell me, where's the justification for their price performance wise??? Who cares about the handlebars, and all the little stuff....I added what I wanted to my bike. All I know is my 426 is still pooping out rotten PUMKIN from it's last encounter with one.... :)

If anyone has too strong of a disposition for either bike then they probably are not very open minded IMHO. (Read Biased). Both are great bikes and both are not perfect. I have actually found great deals on KTM's that bring the price within $500 to $600 dollars apart, and it DOES justify the better components on the KTM, but not enough to sway me towards the KTM based just on that. A good rider can win on either, anyone who thinks that one brand can easily beat the other brand is simply showing their own ignorance.

I like the suspension on Yamaha better, KTM's require more work to set up properly, but when set up right its awsome, but still I like Yamaha's better. Yamaha's seem to me to turn easier out of the box. KTM is WAY more stable at speed. The new WR450 is great, but I doubt if I would ever rate its motor as high as I would the 520.

In the end I would probably really enjoy owning either bike, (and I do) and could win with either.

The final decision should ultimately be based on dealer support and location, and personal preferance. You can ask for opinions till your Blue (or Orange) in the face, and you will never get a clear answer because BOTH brands are great.

My best friend bought the Yamaha simply because he liked the color Blue better than Orange. I just put Blue plastic on my KTM for the same reason.

Good Luck. :)


That is my main concern, I did a search on KTM dealers in the UTAH and there are only 4. in my mind lack of competition brings higher repair price. only my opinion. thanks for the info. I do agree that they are both great bikes. We are recreational riders, my last bike was a 89 yz250 and older than crap xr500s and he was on a XL300 and a DR300 so as you can see I am in heaven on my 03 WR and either choise would be great for him also.

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