Orange or Blue


this is the last time I help him with a bike choise.

brobixr250, Atleast you tried. :)

Yes I spent alot of time researching bikes but the truth of the matter is he could not pass the deal up, He got a brand new (decent) bike for under 4k not a bad deal at all!!

No worries mate......let him ride the green bike and get his feet back under him.Its a good reliable bike. :)

Sounds like your friend found himself a deal on the KLX.

Having fun on a dirtbike is what its all about anyway. :)


I own a 300 KLX. I just finished some simple no cost carb mods on the KLX and it runs better now than in the past 4 years. Tell your brother to definitely get the suspension tuned- both ends and perform the 'planet klx' mods. He can drill the slide to 9/32", cut 4 coils off the diaphragm slide himself. Those two tasks really open up the performance. My '98 runs so well I would replace it for the really tight,slimy off camber mud trails we frequent. I ride mostly winter with stud tires, it includes a fair amount of rock and root as well. The power is excellent with the mods. In most hill climbing I can wind 2nd and kick it to 3rd with clutch tease. Mine weighs 265 ready to ride with 2-3 lbs of tools under the front number plate. I have made no expensive weight control effort. I like the Yamaha 250 and 450. The 300 KLX has more trail usable torque than the 250 and less killer power than the 450 (I guess). It's going to be a tough decision between the 300 and the 450 Yam. That is even guessing the 300 will be in production in the next couple of years. Get your brother steered to the KLX forum. There are some sharp riders/ tuners in the forum.

a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet . a bikes a bike as long as you can ride it's gonna be a sweet day !!

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