Oil Filter O-rings

Just curious about a maintenance issue.

How often do you guys replace the o-rings for the oil filter cover? I am talking about the big one and the three little ones.

I have had my '00 426 for about three years now, and changed the oil at least 6-7 times a season and never had a problem re-using the o-rings.

This last oil change though, I had to replace all four to get the cover to seal up. Obviously, they were due to be changed. It sucked only because I don't have a local Yamaha dealer and had to shop online and wait over a week for them to arrive.

I couldn't find any in my o-ring assortment kits that would fit perfect either.

But, do you guys change them once a year? Every third oil change? Or wait for them to leak, like I did.

I always keep at least one set in my garage, but to be honest, I change them once or twice a year. If they leak I'll change them, but that has never been a problem for me. I haven't had any problem reusing them.

about a year. i change my oil about 10 times more often.

I replaced the full set on the YZ250F we had in '04 when I first got it. Since then I've had a spare set in case I needed them, but have never used them in any of the 3 bikes I've had since.

I replace mine once a year, along with the oil drain plug washers. I've never had a problem, but it makes me feel better. :thumbsup:

Probably a better chance of losing one than wearing one out good to have extras on hand

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