would a 2002 WR 426 be worth getting?

My brother has a 2002 DRZ 400e and told me to get one of those should I? I rode it last weekend loved it but wish for more3 snort! How would a 426 differ from a DRZ? ALL the good & bad? How hard is it to kick start?

Nordy, Both bikes are great!! Both bikes are easy to start. The DRZ is less tempermental to start but both start easy. The WR will be a better bike in the more aggressive terrain. But the DRZ will make a better trail bike. Just my little opinion. You'll have fun on either one.

Get the WR. More snort.

Kick starting is not an issue if you follow THE RITUAL. If you are jetted properly, and follow said ritual, first kick starting and state-of-the-art performance is in your future. If you are the non-conformist type that just has to do it his own way, I'd get a DRZ, CRF, or KTM.



As previously mentioned, these blue dirt surfin'rockets are not hard to start. I just recently bought mine used. Awesome machine. I'm still tryin' to make it MINE. I originally wanted the new WR450F that is due this fall (it gotsa the button startin' thing-a-ma-jig) but at half the price I certainly was not let down. If ya gotsa the bucks and patience go with the new Blue. TC

"If you are the non-conformist type that just has to do it his own way, I'd get a DRZ, CRF, or KTM."

A true non-comformist also dual-sports it! :D:)


I can beat that. A true non-conformist rides a Cannondale like the one Mike had last weekend. Then dual sports it, LOL.

I wonder what it would take to adapt fuel injection to a WR?



At first I thought my WR was hard to start. I thought I was following the drill, then my 19yr old son would jump on the bike and start it on the first kick. Turned out (I guess) I wasn't kicking it all the way through. Initially I had to kick the bike like I really meant it. Now my bike is 9 months old it'll start on the first kick 9 out of 10 times without the hotstart when warm, and within 3 to 5 kicks after a getoff using the hot start. It'll always start on the 2nd or 3rd kick cold with choke on. I think the starting gets easier as the bike gets more miles on it.

Although I've never ridden a DRZ I've seen some guys in the nat'l forest who can really rip on them but I've always heard they were more playbike than racebike.

You'd probably be happy with either for trailriding. If racing or hardcore trailriding is in the agenda, I'd lean towards the WR.

I could of bought a DRZ400E for $1000 less than I payed for my first WR. I've never regretted it and even picked up a very clean used one here on TT for $2500 less than I paid for the new one.

Pick up a copy of REV,they did a test on five 400cc 4-strock comparison, it went like this

Desert Mountain Track Play Expert

Score, X-County,Tight trail,Riding, , Play

1. KTM Yam Yam KTM Yam


3. Suz Suz Cannon Yam Cann

4. Can.\Hond Honda Honda Can Suz

5. Cannondale Honda

I hope this will help. Go for the WR426

Nothing beats an electric start if you dump it or lay it over on a big hill climb, except, passing all your buddies, and bouncing rocks off their chest protectors, as you smoke by them, with power to spare, on that same big gnarly hillclimb. I like a properly jetted WR. Just my opinion



One must be careful when riding over the pretty yellow bikes. Sometimes that clutch cable can get hung up on your footpeg. LOLOLO

(I know, flame on, I'll cover my head)


Go with the WR. you wont be sorry. That is unless you cant hang on.LOL


I've got a '02 WF426 bought new in February with only 600 miles on it. Haven't ridden it since second week of June. Skid plate; remote hot start; Kouba t-handle. Never raced and never crashed. MINT condition. Will make you a sweet deal on it...got a WR450 on order.

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