YZ400F model year question!

Hi guys.

I recently bought a really nice YZ400. The guy who sold me the bike bought it believing it to be a 2001 model, but I understood they only made the 400 between 1998 and 1999. Anyway the bike was too good to miss out on and I wasn't overly fussed about the model year, but it would be nice to know!

My local Yamaha dealer is not helpful at all, I've never had good service from them going back years, but I contacted them and the guy there seems to think Yamaha continued to produce the 400 alongside the 426 for a couple of years, but wasn't interested in helping any more than that :thumbsup:

Can anyone decipher the production year of my bike from the frame number?



On checking my frame number against my friends 2000 YZ426 just now I must say my frame number doesn't look too factory :thumbsup:

Whats your frame number?

if you cant get to the upper oil fitler bolt straight (exhaust in the way) on then its a 400. steel sub frame? 400. there are a few other small things. (I think if it has a rear master cylinder with a reservoir its a 400)

Code Year Code Year Code Year Code Year

A 1980 L 1990 Y 2000 A 2010

B 1981 M 1991 1 2001 B 2011

C 1982 N 1992 2 2002 C 2012

D 1983 P 1993 3 2003 D 2013

E 1984 R 1994 4 2004 E 2014

F 1985 S 1995 5 2005 F 2015

G 1986 T 1996 6 2006 G 2016

H 1987 V 1997 7 2007 H 2017

J 1988 W 1998 8 2008 J 2018

K 1989 X 1999 9 2009 K 2019

tenth digit is your year and your yamaha dealer is retarded... lol either W or X

I just sold my 99 400, I have never heard that they made a 400 after 99. I do know that I had to rejet the carb and add a R&D Power Pump to eliminate the lag that it had. Once I did that, it ran great. Good Luck

done a bit of research and it appears there were some 400's made on run-out until 2001, so it may be true. Then again it might not be!

I think my bike has had a replacement frame at some stage in its life. To start with its black and has no sign of blue paint under that, also I understand replacement frames come without a frame number, and this one has definately been stamped in by someone else with no signs of a number ground off underneath it. My frame number is XE03F200201.

My engine is stamped as a 399cc. :thumbsup:

Whatever the case may be, its in great condition and has been very well maintained. Its got a very loud arrow can and has the edge over my friends 426. :confused:

There were NO YZ400's made following the 1999 model year, and that would not be listed on any accurate title, although the "year first sold" field could show anything. The WR400 was made through the end of the 2000 model year.

so it could be that it was bought in 2001 as old stock but the latest it would have been made is 1999. Oh well, what does the year really matter!

Thanks for the help guys :thumbsup:

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