making a wz450 ready for baja.

i want to race some longer races, maybe a baja or two. i did an online search of what it would take to get a yz450f ready and came up with nothing. i know most everybody rides a honda of some sort(for baja length races), i am guessing that this is dues to the oiling system. would you grenade a yz if you tried to ride it for two or three hundred miles non stop? realisticaly, do they do oil changes during races like that? i have the wr tranny in my yz and love it, i just dont want to take it into xr territory and destroy it.

if i am way off, please let me know. i love my yz and want to make it a destoyer of the 450X, i just need some guidance. any and all help is greatly appreciated.

I rode my 06yz450 in the 07 Baja 500 with no problem. 15/48 gearing and all the other usual stuff, steering stabilizer, big tank etc and that is about it. Worked great. I am planning on doing the 1000 in November on my 08 yz. For that I have had to put a wr ignition on to run a Baja light. That was more of a challenge but I think it is going to work great.

Most people ride Honda's down there becuase that is what has been winning. Also Honda has a pit program, actually it is JCR that does it now.

I raced the 08 500 on a WR, we ran 14/48 gearing, IMS tank and general bike prep is all we did. Put in some good coolant, fresh oil and away you go. Yamaha's are just as tough as a Honda if not more in my book.

PM me if you need any other help. There are also some much more seasoned Baja racer than I in the "Baja" Forum.

Good Luck, see you down there.

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