Ah Man, ECEA Harescramble in WV on 3/9 is canceled

What a freekin bummer. :(I would do an indoor supercross right about now, I wanna ride so bad. I would probably get my ass kicked and get hurt, but its better than paceing back and forth around in the garage. :)

Does ECEA have a snowmobile class in Hare Scrambles ????

Talked to my buddy in Fairmont, WV who runs the Harescrambles and runs the PK racing series. Everything will be postponed up there for several weeks. They still have over 12" of snow on the ground. Another 1" of ice on top of it, and they are suppose to get 10" tonight.

freakin weather :)

:confused:I need to ride. Iwondre if ther is snow in NC. I know a couple places to ride there. :)

I have planned weekend trips on 3 different weekends to ride/camp and every single one of them has been canceled due to heavy snowfall.

The next trip sticks no matter what! 30" OF SNOW! BRING IT ON! IM RIDING!

(I havent rode since 12/15, so Im really jonesin) :)

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