08 wr450f popping issues from middle throttle.

hi all, I recently took my bike to the dealer so they could install the merge racing Adjustable leak jet, ais removal kit and the Adjustable fuel screw. anyway i took it home to try it and was working great but i noticed that they didnt took the exhaust restrictor ( the little thing that goes in the mufflers tip) and the intake silener thet goes under the seat soo i took them both off and when i took it to try it againg i noticed a constant little poppings from mid to full acceleration and it bugs me alot, any one has had that problem? what can i do? please heeeeeeeelp.:thumbsup: its a 08 wr450f

Removing both of those items leaned the bike out. Also, a full muffler conceals normal popping. With the insert removed, you will hear was previously was muffled. More so if it is running lean. Being you paid the dealership to install (I assume a GYTR) AIS kit, it should of come with carb jets. The removed ones should of been given to you along with the instructions. I'd go visit the dealer.

thank you William1, that was realy helpfull and fast reply.

Hey all, little help. I did all my mods to the 08 wr but I screwed up on the throttle stop. Cut it to short. Don't ask. Does any one know the oem part number for the yz throttle stop. I thought I was stupid. My local dealer tried to tell me it was 57 frickin dollars. I don't know what they were lookin at. I was hoping I could call back with a part number. This dealership puts hot chicks behind the counter and they know less than me and I don't know S*!$

Throttle Stop 5NL-14591-00-00

Expensive for a screw, but under $20.00

Thanks much. I thought that was funny. 57 dollars. I said no thanks, I think I'll call you back with a part number.

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