BRP needs more low end

I Have s '01 BRP with Edlebrock carb, FMF hi-flo header and Q exhaust, with opened intake/uni-filter. The bike runs quite well, especially for desert riding (so cal). I am wondering how I might get a little more off-idle grunt. It has been suggested to me that the stock header pipe works best for this. Or, a FMF "Power Bomb" header. Any suggestions? I have already geared down to 14/50. Thanks

Going back to the stock header if its smaller than the header you're currently using will help out in the low to range, but you'll also loose some top end performance. You could also gear down a bit more by swapping out the front sprocket with a 13T. With a 13/50 setup, you'd still have a maximum top speed of about 86 MPH as opposed to a maximum speed of 93 MPH with the 14/50 setup.

If you go with the Power Bomb header, the Bomb part of the header might slghtly interfere with the Edelbrock carb. In the past I've talked to one person who slightly indented his Bomb portion of the header to make it fit the Edelbrock and he was happy with that solution. I've also talked to another person who didn't want to indent the Bomb, so he canted the Edelbrock a bit so it cleared the Bomb and everything worked fine. The stock header is a good design and you can pick them up cheap on Ebay if you don't have your's anymore, but the gearing change might be just the ticket you're after and its also inexpensive.

Thanks for the information. I do have some concern over a smaller front sprocket: additional stress on an already weakpoint on the BRP: the countershaft and seal. Definitely lower cost than the rear, though. I still have the stock header. I wonder if it will fit with the Q pipe.

I run a 13 tooth sprocket last season and it worked fine.

The c/s seal problem was not affected by the sprocket size, I believe the seal design and crankcase pressure from a pinched vent line was the problem.

Good deal. Thanks


I have the t4 pro circuit tail pipe. It has three different tips. Smaller for more low, etc.. Is this an option on yours? I've been curious how much this affects perdormance.

Good luck,


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