Front berings price?

My front berings are toast,so I took them down to the local bering shop. They matched them up to some SKF's they had. Then they drop a bomb,

35 dollars(Canadian),each!. I didn't even check the Yamaha dealer but I figured their price would be about 25 bucks each.Has anyone bought any front berings cheap? If so how much and what kind?

Real skf bearings include the real price tag.

I believe you could get import(chinese or pakistani) brgs cheaper.

If you want cheap...

The pivot works sells the set for 29$ retail.

The moose wheel brg kit is 21.95% retail.

Both available from Parts Unlimited.

I should not post so early, my spelling sucks.

Found some bearings at the suzuki dealer

12.99 each.

The "kit" includes two double sealed brgs and a hub seal.

want part #S?

who has a link to an online "bearing house" that sells these thingys? there's no place nearby to me. or is it just not worth it, instead just spend the money at or wherever?


jim aka the wrooster, visiting from the 250F side.

i was amazed at how small the front berrings were.

Do those kits come with two berrings and the seal. i am assuming o but i want to know for sure. thanks guys.

CHris l.

pivot works bearing kits for the front tire from rocky mountian ATV are only 26.99. I would go that rout. what a deal. i paid 13 for each bering and extra for the seal. i wish i knew they had the kits.

lewicris gives a great suggestion. I've been ordering the various Pivot Works rebuild kits for my steering head, swing arm and pivot for this winter. My bike will get the complete chassis rebuild.


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