Rekluse barrel adjuster fix

So you did not think it was broke? I have a z start and have tried every combination possible. I like the barrel adjuster so I could use the clutch override but I never really liked the engagment compared to using just the spring thing. If you are running one you know what I am talking about. Running just the spring seemed to give me a more possitive engagment. I allways felt that using the barrel adjuster that the cable drug just enough to slow down the engagement just enough to but me and I never could adjust it out.

But, the combination that seemed to work best, that is helped me win more races, was to use the barrel adjuster AND work the clutch like a manual clutch. It was hard on clutch plates but it really worked great. It was kind of like using a slipper cutch. Which leads me to the problem. I wanted the clutch to engage faster/ slip less. Even with three titanium balls fresh clutch plates and very tite set up tolerances I still wanted it to lock up faster.

This is the fix. I ran a spring from about the middle of the clutch arm to the hole for the bracket that is there for the wr clutch cable bracket. It is a light weight spring but it gives the spring in the barrel adjuster just a little help.

It seems to work great. I would like for you guys to try this and tell me if I am imagining the benefit or if it could cause some other problems. It seems though to give me the engagment that I could only get by using just the spring thing but I also have the clutch over ride. Perfect!

The fix for the earlier generation z-start is to swap it out with a Pro version...

When I had the regular z-start I used the barrel adjuster too. I also had to lube the clutch cable constantly to keep the feel consistant. Also, the heavier spring is a good choice too. It allows the rpm to get higher before the clutch locks up.

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