O-Ring behind filter cover

While changing the oil on my 00 XR650 I lost the small o-ring that goes behind the filter cover. What is this for, also there is small hole that according to the generic owners manual is where the o-ring goes, is there some sort of shaft that protrudes from this hole that the o-ring goes around? I plan to go riding friday to Glamis so any help is appreciated. Next time I will pay more attention to what I am doing and not be in such a hurry.


On my L, the filter is directional. That rubber seal is to keep the oil from bypassing the filter. I'd bet yours is the same set up.

Good luck,


I am asking about another o-ring behind the cover, not the one on the filter. Thanks anyway.

Is it the little one that goes on the back side of the cover plate encircling the cover to seal? What year is the bike?

please tell us whether you're refering to an xr650r or an xr650l. I can't recall ( during 20 filterchanges ) seeing

any small O ring on my 00 xr650r.

cheers, Craig

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