antifreeze froze over the winter i think white smoke !!!

2003 yz450f

like i said antifreeze froze and i guess expanded over the winter was only good too -20 C after starting it i checked it after the winter was over and the damage was done....anyways as soon as i start the bike the pipe get red hot right away but engine continues to run fine about 5 minute into idle at the top end over fill or pressure relief right at top of engine start to puff allot of white smoke and antifreeze starts to leak all over and out of the overfill also but engine continues to run and rev fine but it running hot so i don;t know what to change out likeismy motor finished or what should i change out??? help

Doesn't sound good ..if it were me I would start by removing the head and see if thats where the damage is.if so thats a little better than replacing the whole engine.

what type of damageam i looking for crackedgasket seals or what?

If it froze and you started it while froze, the impeller (water pump) might have been damaged and it's not pumping water? Check to see that you have water flow through the radiator.....

If it was idling for 5 minutes then no wonder it boiled over. And the exhaust gets red on all of them.

If it was idling for 5 minutes then no wonder it boiled over. And the exhaust gets red on all of them.

+1 your not supposed to let these bikes idle for that long. :thumbsup:

Sounds like everything is fine. I dont think you have a problem.

It was 65F on Sunday, and my bike started boiling over after idling for about 3 minutes. Like the others said, its not meant to stand still and idle. You dont have a radiator fan(s).

Its simply overheating. Go start it up and putter around the yard for 5-10 minutes or so. Go and drain the oil, and if it looks like a milkshake, you have a problem.

Look for white smoke from the exhaust and a sweet smell. That would also be indicative of a cracked head or head gasket.

well i keep thinking it may be the water pump so i changed that the it keeped smoking white out of the top end over fill tube and i would loose antifreeze from well looks like all over

What it it that you are calling the "top end overfill tube"?

the 3/8 black tubing in the center of the top of the motor comes up about 2" then curves and follow the frame along with other overflow tubing

That is not the overfill tube, it's the crankcase breather, and white smoke traces co ing from it are not so unusual. If it's excessive, it indicates weak rings.

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