SuperTrapp exhaust System

Does anyone run a supertrapp exhaust system? I see some online that are pretty cheap. Let me know about perfomance and sound levels? I know you can choke these things off, but I still would want to have some bark from the motor.


Thanks Gun. There seems to be a bunch on Ebay this month pretty cheap (I think). I really want something that is quieter than the stock Muffler with the baffle pulled. I also saw a FMF MEGAMAX 2. This thing is probably loud also. thanks for the input

I have one I got from e-bay. Works real well. Still loud!! Even if you put very few discs in. I run 10 and it cleaned up my jetting .

I also run the supertrapp and have had no problems. I run 14 disks on my 99 wr400. My wife has a megamax on her ttr250 and have already replaced disks due to damage. Not so with the internal disk system. My .02 :)

I've got a 'trapp on my DR650 (it came with it and the stocker). The bike is such a dog anyway that the only significant performance increase is most likely due to the 5 or 6 pound weight savings...

I have friends that have the supertrapp internal disk scilencers. They both are running something elso now. The supertrapps dont hold together. They both had sent ther's back to supertrapp to have them fixed. The screws that hold the disks in wont come out. They antisezed them and they still welded themselves in. That and they have blown holes in the sides of the can.

I have a fmf megamax11 and love it. I had to have a little welding on it to fix cracks. And I would recomend tearing it appart at once a year otherwise the screws wont come out. I think mine is actually quieter than the supertrapp. I have got a few compliments on how its quieter than stock. Its not perfect but its better than the supertrapp.

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